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Top 4 Reasons Homes Don't Sell

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1. Poor Marketing:   Some agents simply place your listing with the local multiple listing service, stick a sign in the yard, and wait for another agent to bring forth a buyer. In the past  several years computers and the internet have changed the face of real estate. Most agents haven’t kept up. According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of all home buyers now use the Internet for house hunting. Top listing agents like Camille are tech-savvy, putting her listings on all the real estate websites and using social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter--a particular benefit when working with out-of-town buyers.

Believe it or not, less than 7% of agents are trained in the fine art of sales and marketing. There are those who rely on a yard sign to do their work for them, and those that put a lot of effort into actually selling their
listings. Camille implements customized sensational, effective & creative marketing plans for her listings.

2. Bad Photos:   You might be surprised how many buyers say ‘nope!’ to houses simply because of poor photos that don’t showcase the house’s features and benefits. Some agents think having a few or even no photos will get people to call them. Sometimes the agent might not be capable of taking a good picture, or they are just plain lazy. It’s even more amazing that owners let agents market a house this way, but it happens all the time. Camille thinks poor photos turn people off and limits the number of buyers willing to pursue a personal viewing. Her listings always have 20-30 well composed and informative  photos that entice buyers to come out and see it in person.

You want to make sure the house is well represented in photographs. Camille either takes high quality photos herself and retouches them to prepare them properly or she hires a professional photographer who will take amazing photos that will get buyers excited to come see your home.
3. Lousy Agent:   You’re probably surprised that they exist ;-) Real estate agents who don’t follow through on their promises or communicate well.  The lousy agent may misrepresent themselves to you by saying they can get more for it than other agents, not market it properly, or be unresponsive to interest from other agents because they are hoping to double side it. They may even misrepresent your home to potential buyers or fail to present all offers to you. Their lousy service can cost you plenty in time, money and the sheer hassle of keeping the place show-ready 24/7. What’s more, if your agent is abrasive & arrogant or has a reputation for being unethical, other agents may not want the hassle of showing any of their listings to prospective buyers. Camille is well liked and well respected by agents in the real estate community because she treats other agents as business partners not adversaries. She will communicate with you honestly & often throughout the process. She also offers a “No-Hassle Cancelation Guarantee.” If she’s not meeting your expectations you can cancel the listing anytime before an offer is accepted!
4. Incorrect Pricing:   Some agents or home sellers price their homes above market value, because they think the cushion gives them more negotiating room or they want to “test the market”. They are hoping an uneducated buyer will come along and pay the inflated asking price. But what overpricing actually does is eliminate serious ready willing and able buyers. The listing will go stale while it sits there waiting for that sucker to come along and then people will wonder what’s wrong with it. Remember, the internet now gives buyers lots of information about comparables. Homes must be priced within about 5% of the market value to get an offer.  Homes that are priced correctly will get an offer within about 30 days no matter the market conditions or the home’s condition, assuming the marketing has been done correctly to expose it to buyers.  

Camille will “Price it Right”! Her primary goal is to get the most money for you in the least amount of time so you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

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